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Updated Dec 10th, 2006

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Internet Scrabble Club The best site to play online Scrabble (in English, French, Romanian, Italian and Dutch).
Lexpert The most famous anagrammer, word finder... with English, American and French lexica.
Eliot A duplicate Scrabble software distributed under the GNU licence (source code and tools to use an English dictionary are available). 
Jumbletime Find anagrams... before the others.
Quackle A brand new Scrabble program for training and game analysis.
Timwi's Scrabble Free Scrabble software. You can play with SOWPODS dictionary (replace the file english.srb with this file).
Zyzzyva "The last word in word study", a serious contender for Lexpert.


English Scrabble sites

World English Scrabble Players Association The 3rd (after French and Spanish) international Scrabble federation is born in 2005.


South-African National Scrabble Players' Association. Contact point with other Scrabble players in several African countries.


Australian Scrabble Players' Association. See also Bob Jackman website to find the (unofficial) international rankings.

Bahrain Scrabble League

Everything about Scrabble in the Gulf area.

Toronto Scrabble Club

The oldest Canadian club. There is no national federation, Canadian clubs are part of the NSA.

Mumbai Scrabble Club

Regularly organizing international tournaments. Another important club in Chennai.


Official Irish Scrabble site.

Jerusalem Scrabble Club

"The biggest Scrabble club in the world".

Crea KC Scrabble

Keichiro Hirai (best Japanese player) website, with links to Tokyo and Yokohama Scrabble clubs.

Kenya Amateur Scrabble Association


Malaysian Scrabble Association

MSA Organized the World Championships 2003 in Kuala Lumpur.

Malta Scrabblers Club


Nigerian Scrabble Federation



New-Zealand Scrabble players' Association.

Pakistan Scrabble

Karachi Scrabble Club, the only official Scrabble club in Pakistan.


Tournament Computer Archive on the Net, web site of Singapore Scrabble association.

Sri Lanka Scrabble

International tournaments are regularly organized in Sri Lanka.

Thai Crossword

Scrabble is called Crossword in Thailand and is mandatory in schools! Results are here: 3 Thai players in the top 6 at the last World Championships.

Association of British Scrabble Players Ratings, rules, clubs, tournaments, mailing list... everything you need to know about Scrabble in UK
National Scrabble Association The official US Scrabble website. NSA is a subsidiary of Hasbro.

Scrabble Association of Zambia


Scrabble around the World

Fédération internationale de Scrabble Francophone

Federations and associations from 21 countries, playing mostly Duplicate Scrabble.

Federacion Internacional de Scrabble en Espanol

About 20 member states including the USA. Official web site for on line play: ReDeLetras.




Asociación Argentina de Scrabble

Scrabble and tango.

Fédération Belge

Belgian Scrabble Federation (in French).


The first Scrabble club in catalan. There is also an official dictionary and a World championship !

Asociacion Pura Vida de Escrabel

In Costa Rica, it is forbidden to use a registered trade mark in the name of an association.

Asociación española de Jugadores de Scrabble

The new Spanish Federation, in Barcelona.

Satu Johansson Scrabble site

Useful Finn words...

Fédération Française

French Federation website (more than 600 clubs and 16000 players in France, mostly Duplicate players).


Official German Scrabble web site, including rules and word lists. Play on line here.

Ομιλος σκραμπλ Καστορίασ

Kastoria Scrabble Club (Scrabble is the middle word).

Keszthelyi Melinda

A Scrabble club in Budapest.

Scrabble e Scarabeo

The local variant «Scarabeo» is still more famous than the original Scrabble.

Association Libanaise

French Scrabble in Lebanon.

Fédération luxembourgeoise

French duplicate Scrabble in Luxembourg.

Monterrey Scrabble Club

See also Guadalajara Scrabble club. The Asociacion Mexicana de Escrablistas does not have yet a web site.

Scrabble Tips

Some tips to play Norwegian Scrabble (lists with W and C, high scorers!).

Scrabble Bond NL

Official Dutch Scrabble site.

Cebu Scrabble Association

A Philippine Scrabble club (not updated).

Polska Federacja Scrabble

Polish federation, Z is worth 1 point in Pole...

Fédération Québécoise

French Scrabble in Canada.

Federatia Română de Scrabble

Romanian Scrabble federation, with French end English sections. Another site.


A software to play Scrabble in Russian and English.

Fédération Sénégalaise

The first Scrabble site for an African French-speaking country.

Slovenský spolok Scrabble

Slovakian Scrabble association.

Špelina stran o Scrabblu

Slovenian Scrabble site, also a local variant, word lists and a long article in Wikipedia.

Svenskt Scrabble

CD, TV and WC are in Svenska Akademiens Ordlista 12.

Fédération Suisse

Swiss Scrabble federation (in French).

Česká asociace Scrabble

Czech Scrabble association.

Türkçe Scrabble

Classic and Duplicate Scrabble in Turkey.

Asociación Uruguaya de Scrabble

Uruguayan federation web site, hosting the International Spanish Scrabble federation (FISE).

Club Nacional de Scrabble


Everything about Scrabble in Venezuela (champions, clubs, tourneys...). Interesting list of Hispano-American words.


Play Scrabble in esperanto !